Welcome to 8th Grade General Music!
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     Back to School Night Handout (Includes Grading Policies)
    *When improvising, people use music to express themselves in a particular style.
     *Music Reading and Notating complex rhythms are essential for literacy in 20th Century Music.
    *Educated Music-Listeners can describe, analyze and evaluate music and music performances.
     *Music is an important historic and cultural record of 20th Century America
    Some tools we use to explore these Enduring Understandings are:
    1. Working Collaboratively to explore and understand music theory and notation.
    2. Performing a variety of styles and musical elements on classroom instruments and with our voices, 
    3. Experiencing and analyzing music and musical performances.
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    *Exploring the artform known as a"Musical" by looking at how WSS uses elements such as Song, Dance, Costuming and Language to tell the story.
    *Exploring Social Issues of Urban Youth, Prejudice, Cultural Differences and Generation Gaps, and how Musical Theater can be used to explore and express these issues.