• Tips for Success
    1. Pay attention and participate in class.

    2. Do all homework.  Use pencil and write neatly.

    3. Extra help is offered at WIN Period!  Take advantage!!  EVERYDAY……

    4. Check your agenda to be sure you are doing the correct assignment.

    5. Read directions carefully. Skater Dude

    6. ALWAYS Use pencil.

    7. Copy problem, show all work and circle or box answers                        

    8.  Use your textbook to review what was learned in class if having difficulty.
    9. The Holt textbook has a tutorial review for every lesson. Click here my.hrw.com to watch a review or take a practice quiz.
    10. Check your grade weekly on the Home Access website.  (Encourage your parents to become a Home Access Parent!)
    11. Math Clinic is offered Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 7:25 - 7:55!