Hello All,


    On behalf of the Poquessing faculty it is my pleasure to welcome new and returning students and their families to the community of Poquessing Middle School!  As a Neshaminy High School graduate, each morning I feel as if I have returned home.  I will work hard to ensure an encouraging academic, social, and emotional environment for all students. I pride myself in perpetuating a spirited and empowering work environment for the faculty to be at their very best.

    At Poquessng we want our students to SOAR and we expect all students will be:

    • Safe
    • Organized
    • Accountable
    • Responsible

    To achieve this expectation, as a team we will teach the expected behaviors in a variety of settings.


    The Poquessing Team is devoted to the mission of the district, which includes empowering each child to become a productive citizen and a lifelong learner. The Poquessing Team is extremely dedicated and many extend themselves beyond the classroom. They provide a variety of avenues for students to have success beyond the classroom.  They recognize that not all children begin at the same point, yet believe that every child has the ability to achieve sometimes beyond the classroom. The middle years are a time of discovery. This faculty will lead your students as advisors, coaches and mentors in that discovery while simultaneously focusing on academic achievement.  We are proud that just greater than 80% of our students participate in one or more co-curricular activities each year. This participation promotes and maintains Poquessng's positive school culture.  
    Another expectation for all of Poquessng's students, faculty and myself is that we treat one another with kindness. It is that simple. CHOOSE KIND.
    As we proceed though the school year, please be a member of our team! We cannot reach our goals without parents and guardians. Please support the efforts of our teachers, counselors and our PTO. As a principal, my door is always open. No concern or question is too small. I also encourage you to contact your child’s teacher or counselor to share information and/or concerns. I look forward to being a part of new successes and helping our students discover and achieve.




    Mr. Timothy S. Hunt


    --------- Today’s decisions influence tomorrow’s opportunities!


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