Poquessing Middle School

    Athletic Department


    Sport Team Rules

    1. Student/Athletes must keep schoolwork their top priority and maintain a passing average in all subjects.  Failure to do so will result in probation from the team until the grade(s) have been brought up.


    1. Players must travel to and from games in the transportation provided by Poquessing Middle School.  If a player is leaving a game with a family member, a written note, including permission to do so, must be given to the coach prior to departure.


    1. Unexcused absence from practice will not be accepted.  Unexcused absence includes, but is not limited to, detention, suspension, no written note from parent.  The penalties for unexcused absences are as follows:  First offense:  Warning/benched Second offense:  One game suspension.  Third offense: Removal from the team. 


    1. If you are absent from school you may not participate in practice or game. 


    1. All players are expected to attend practice everyday with the necessary clothing and equipment.  Players must be on the field/in gym and ready to begin at 3:05 p.m.


    1. Unsportsmanlike conduct during practice or game situations is unacceptable.  This includes foul language, inappropriate gestures, put-downs, horseplay, and fighting.


    1. Absolutely no arguing with the umpires/ referees!


    1. You are responsible for ALL equipment issued to you.  You must provide and show your own lock before receiving team equipment/uniforms. Student's will be charged the cost for any lost equipment/uniforms!  You are responsible for securing your personal belongings on both practice and game days.  Poquessing Middle School is not responsible for any missing or stolen articles.


    1. Athletes are expected to participate in P.E class on game days.  Athletes who are unprepared or do not participate in P.E. class will not play on game days.


    1. Use of tobacco/alcohol/drugs is strictly prohibited.  Any infraction will result in immediate dismissal from the team. 


    1. Practices are over at 4:55 p.m.  If you are arranging for a ride home, you are to make sure you leave the school grounds by 5:15 p.m.  Otherwise you will be directed to take the bus home. 


    1. Poquessing sports are a privilege to be on, not a guarantee.  Poquessing athletes are to be role models in and outside of the classroom. Discipline problems and/or poor grades are NOT acceptable.  Teachers will report all problems to the Athletic Director/coach. 


    Practice Hard - Play Hard - Have Fun - Be a Role Model



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