• 1. Estimation- to give an approximate number or answer based on mathematical thinking. 

    2. Factor- number that is multiplied

    3. Factors of a number- whole numbers that multiply together to get the given number. 

    4. Multiple- the product of a given number and any other whole number. 

    5. Multiplication- an operation used to find the total number of items in a given number of equal- sized groups. 

    6. Multiply- to repeatedly add the same number a certain number of times, Used to find the total number of items in equal- sized groups. 

    7. Partial Products- the products you get in each step of the partial- products strategy. You use place value to find partial products, For example, the partial product for 124x3 are 3X 100 or 300, 3x20 or 60, and 3x4 or 12. 

    8. Product- the result of multiplication

    9. Reasonable- something that makes sense when given facts are taken into account.