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    School Wide Positive Behavioral Support 
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    Walter Miller’s

    School Wide Positive Behavioral Support Program


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    Miller's 3 to Be  

    What is SWPBS?

       School Wide Positive Behavior Support is a different way of handling discipline.  In a school setting, it cannot be assumed that students know correct behaviors.  Children come from different backgrounds and cultures that view behavior in their own unique ways.  Therefore, students are taught appropriate school behaviors and expectations.  Students are rewarded when they display the expected behaviors. 

     Walter Miller 3 to Be

    What does SWPBS look like?

    ·      Expectations are displayed throughout the school through actions and peers.

    ·       Students, staff and parents are taught the expectations throughout the school year.

    ·       Students and staff are able to state the expectations.

    ·       Staff members model SWPBS expectations for students.

    ·       Students are rewarded for displaying appropriate behavior in school.

    Walter Miller 3 to Be  


    Students are expected to be RESPECTFUL, RESPONSIBLE and SAFE.  These expectations should be demonstrated at all times.


     Miller 3 to Be


    The purpose of Miller’s SWPBS program is to establish and maintain a safe and effective school environment that maximizes the academic achievement and social-emotional-behavioral competence of ALL students.  It is our mission to help each child reach their greatest potential through positive behavioral supports throughout the entire school environment.

     Miller 3 to Be

    Below, please find links to some SWPBS resources.

     Miller 3 to Be

    Walter Miller's 3 to Be:
    Be Respectful
    Be Responsible
    Be Safe 

     Miller 3 to Be  

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