• 2023 - 2024 Student Council

    Student Council


    The Walter Miller Elementary School has established a Student Council, in order to foster a positive school environment, to promote good behavior, to strive for high scholastic standards, to understand and practice a representative form of government, and to show respect and cooperation to our faculty, staff and fellow students.

    Mission Statement

    The Mission Statement of the Walter Miller Elementary School Student Council is to inspire and empower others.  We will make positive changes within our school and community.  We will encourage others to be leaders.  We will welcome differences and diversity.  We will work hard to improve ourselves, our school and our community.

    Job Description


    Responsibilities include:


    • Attending all Student Council meetings unless obtaining prior approval from student council moderator.

    • Generate enthusiasm for events on campus and promote school spirit throughout the year

    • Assist the Student Council in the conduct of its business

    • Be active and reliable in reporting grade level concerns, issues and questions to Student Council; inform grade levels of upcoming events

    • Exhibit exemplary behavior, leadership and acceptable academic standards.

    Building Principal: Mr. Troy Bodolus

    Moderators:           Mrs. Jamie Callahan

                                     Mr.   Augustino Blaydon

                                     Mrs. Emilee Randle

                                     Mr. Ted Rydzewski