• Multiplication and Division in Word Problems

    1Symbol - a character, such as a letter or question mark, that can be used to stand for an unknown number in an equation.

    2. Unknown - the value you need to find to solve a problem.

    3. Divide - to separate into equal groups and find the number in each group or the number of groups.

    4. Division - an operation used to separate a number of items into equal-sized groups.

    5. Equation - a mathematical statement that uses an equal sign (=) to show that two expressions have the same value.

    6. Factor - a number that is multiplied.

    7. Multiplication - an operation used to find the total number of items in a given number of equal-sized groups.

    8. Multiplicative comparison - a comparison that tells how many times as many. For example, 7 X 3 = 21 tells that 21 is 3 times as many as 7, and that 21 is 7 times as many as 3.

    9. Multiply - to repeatedly add the same number a certain number of times. Used to find the total number of items in equal-sized groups.