• Mrs. Trepper and Mrs. Hess’s Grading Policy

    • Grades are entered as Total Points
    • Homework will be checked for completion and may be collected and checked for accuracy.
    • Classwork that is unfinished becomes WIN work and then homework.
      • Students will be aware before submission of the expectation and due date.

    Missing Assignments

    • Absent work will be reviewed.
    • The assignment will be entered as a “0” until the work is made up. The “0” will be changed after assignment is reviewed.
    • It is the student’s responsibility to hand in homework assignments after an absence. They can check the website or CANVAS as a reminder of the daily assignment. The agenda book is used daily and should be with the student every night for review.
    • Students can use the WIN period to check in with teachers and get clarification about assignment expectations.