• The 6th grade AE curriculum centers around the Future Problem Solvers format.  We'll spend the year working in groups over a period of time to research, brainstorm, and create and evaluate solutions to issues that will likely face humanity in the future.  We'll be looking at three main future scenarios and learning a six-step approach to figure the best ways to solve them.  This will provide students an opportunity to use many skills, including but not limited to analytical and creative thought, research, teamwork, leadership, and creative writing.  Our last scenario will be evaluated by professionals and any exceptional teams will be invited to Harrisburg in April for a state-wide competition.  We've had students go to Harrisburg from Poquessing before, and a few years ago a team from the high school (where it's an after-school club) won States and went on to Internationals.

    Here's a wonderful site from the North Carolina chapter of Future Problem Solvers describing the six step process: