Dear Parents,

    Welcome to first grade! Having the right supplies makes work easier for your child. We would like to suggest the following items be sent in on the first day of school.

    * 4 or more glue sticks (please label with your child’s initials)

    * Several sharpened pencils

    * crayons

    * colored pencils

    * 2 highlighters

    * erasers

    * at least 5 dry erase markers; fine point dry erase markers if possible (in the past we have had difficulty with the Crayola brand staining the whiteboards)

    * child size scissors (please label with your child’s initials) (we recommend Fiskars)

    * supply box/pencil case that will fit in the desk

    * 4 folders with pockets

    * A smock or old shirt

    * pencil sharpener

    * A box of tissues

    * ear buds or ear phones labeled with your child’s name for use in the computer lab (please check with your child to see which style they prefer)

    * markers (optional)

    ***Our school nurse requests that you pack a zip lock bag with a change of clothes. This bag will be kept in their book bag throughout the year in case your child requires a change of clothes during the school day. Please change the clothes periodically so that they are appropriate for the weather.***

    This year our classroom budget has been reduced so we will be unable to replenish your child’s supplies from classroom inventory. We recommend watching for the circulars this summer to take advantage of the sales that are offered throughout the summer so that your child will have supplies throughout the school year. Please store extra supplies at home and send them in throughout the year as needed.

    We are looking forward to a successful 1st grade year with you and your child.

    Thank you,

    The First Grade Teachers