• How to Join Band:

    First, click on, print and complete the Band Registration Form:  2018-19 Band Registration Form

    Second, acquire an instrument, music stand and a lesson book (Standard of Excellence, Enhanced).  There are three ways to acquire an instrument.  First, you can rent an instrument from Music and Arts Centers.  A rental form will be distributed to each interested student following the instrumental music demostration assembly.  Or, you can go to the Music and Arts website (www.musicarts.com).   Second, you can borrow an instrument from a family member or family friend.  You will want to be sure that the instrument is in good playing condition.  Mr. Stoneback can help to assess the playing condition of the instrument if needed.  Third, Mr. Stoneback has an assortment of school district owned instruments that can be loaned to a student for free.  These are mainly Trombones, Baritone Horns and French Horns, and are available on a first come, first served basis.


    Band instrument students register to play a band instrument in fourth or fifth grade.  I will visit your child's classroom immediately after the instrumental music demonstration assembly, which is held in early September.  All of the instruments of the band and orchestra are presented and demonstrated so children can make an informed decision about which instrument they may be interested in learning to play.

    Playing an instrument is exciting and something that can be enjoyed throughout life.  The excitement and enjoyment of playing a musical instrument will be realized through practice at home, group lesson instruction at school, ensemble rehearsals at school and concert performances.

    Fourth and fifth grade students have the opportunity to choose and play a band instrument in the Neshaminy School District.  Beginners must get an instrument, a book (Standard of Excellence Enhanced) and a music stand (for home use).


    Fourth grade beginners (Miller and Schweitzer) receive 30-minute group lessons beginning in October.  Lessons are scheduled once a week on a pull out basis.  There are eight to nine possible times when the lessons may be held.  This ensures that the student does not miss the same subject matter every week.  Beginners will join beginner band in March.  Rehearsals are held once a week before school until the Spring Concert in May.

    Second year band members (Sandburg fifth graders) receive lessons beginning in September.  These lessons are scheduled on a pullout basis. Fifth Grade Band rehearsals begin in October and continue until the Winter Concert in January.   Rehearsals resume in late February/early March and continue through the Spring Concert in May.

    District Junior Honors Festival Band rehearsals begin in January and continue until the concert in March. Junior Honors Band members are Advanced Band members who are selected based on achievement in the lesson book and exemplary home practice as represented on the weekly practice record chart.  Junior Honors Band members come from multiple schools in the district.