•    Poquessing Middle School
    M.P. 5th Grade 6th Grade 7th Grade 8th Grade
      Challenge - Team Taught 1st-Invasion Tactical Approaches 1st- Ulti. Frisbee & Football (Team taught) 1st- Football (Team taught)  
    1 Basic Skills (Team Taught) 2nd- Tennis  2nd- Disc Golf/ Golf
      Throw&Catch / Striking 2nd- Striking/ Throwing/Catching   3rd-  Pool:Swim Test, Safety & Stroke Review 3rd- Pool:Swim Test, Safety & Stroke Review
        3rd-Pool:Swim Test, Safety & Stroke Review FC,BC    
      Invasion Game Stategies/ 1st- Intro to Fitness Center 1st- Fitness Center 1st- Badminton/ Pickleball
    2 Pool   2nd- Pickleball/ Racket Skills 2nd- Badminton 2nd- Pool: Boating (ALL water)
      Passball/ Volleyball  3rd- Passball 3rd- Volleyball 3rd- Volleyball
        1st-Social Dance  1st- Square Dance 1st-Swing Dance  
    3 Fitness/ Nutruition 2nd- Pool- Stroke Review, EB, SS, Diving 2nd- Fitness II 2nd-Pool (Boating & Test)
      Pool  3rd- Fitness II 3rd- Pool Challenge  3rd-Fitness
      Puberty 1st- Scooters 1st- Team Sports (Handball-inside/  1st- Biking
      Recreation Activities 2nd-Invasion Games Speedball-Outside) Team Taught 2nd- Whiffle Ball
    4 Invasion Review  3rd- Pool:Team Games 2nd- Lifetime/Recreational Activities  3rd- Water Games (B-ball, polo)
           (Cup, Tailgate Toss, Walking, Bocce, Kickball) **NO Team Teaching
          3rd- Pool: Pool Games/ Intro to Canoe  
      *Subject to change & all students may not have the exact order     
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