• Coin Calendar Chart Directions 


    Students are asked to share the amount of "money" they earn in school with their parent/guardian each night.  Fifty cents can be awarded each day. If less is earned, a number/numbers will be written on the calendar indicating the reason for the amount earned.  The numbers reflect the following: 

    1.  Seeks help when appropriate

         7.  Demonstrates self control

    1.  Works well independently

         8.  Completes classwork

    1.  Demonstrates problem-solving skills

         9.  Prepared for class

    1.  Completes homework

       10.  Respectful

    1.  Keeps desk area and materials organized

       11.  Other:

    1.  Writes legibly


      We kindly ask that you discuss the coins your child earns each school day.

Last Modified on July 26, 2023