2055 Brownsville Road
    Langhorne, PA 19053

    FAX: 215-809-6353 

    Donald M. Palmer

    Office Staff
     Terry Walsh Secretary   Email  215-809-6310
     Nancy Robins Clerk  Email  215-809-6312
     Rita Bartlett Clerk  Email  215-809-6313
    Student Support Staff 
     Carol Alexis, RN  Nurse Email  215-809-6316
     Debby DiSandro, BSN  Nurse  Email  215-809-6336
    Corinne Donnelly 1st, 2nd & 3rd grade Counselor Email  215-809-6315
    Megan Kovak K & 4th grade Counselor Email  215-809-6325
     Laura Squicciarini  Acting Coordinator of Student  Affairs Email  215-809-6456
     Jessica Musho  Behaviorist Email  215-809-6452
     Sarah Napolitan  Psychologist Email  215-809-6599

    Tawanka Elementary School
    The safety of all students and staff at Tawanka Elementary
     is one of our greatest concerns. 
    All visitors who wish to enter Tawanka Elementary School
    must present a valid identification using the kiosk in our vestibule.
    This is required for every visit. 
    Our office staff will be happy to assist you.