• Grading Policy for 5th Grade General Music Class
    • This makes up the majority of your grade in music.
    • It is worth 10 points.
    • Students start out with a 9/10 (90%).
    • As long as a student is engaging in the class (ie: singing with the group, participating in our activities, contributing in a positive way), he/she will receive the base grade of 9
    • To earn a 10, a student has to go "above" expectations (ie: being a leader in our singing, raising his/her hand to answer/ask questions, making a big contribution to the class)
    • Students who do not sing with the group, refuse to participate, or contribute to the class in a negative way, will receive an 8 or lower
    • Students will receive grades of various point values for assessments and projects
    • Assessments may be written or performance based 


    Google Classroom/Quaver Music
    • We will use Google Classroom& Quaver music to enhance our learning in a variety of ways
    • Assignments will be posted periodically.  Students will be given a chance to complete these assignments in class.  Assignments that are not finished are due by the next class period.