• Students are encouraged to find an open and safe space to play.
    • Students who borrow equipment from the “cage” are responsible to return it.
    • Students are expected to demonstrate safe, respectful, and responsible behavior.
    • All injuries or concerns should be reported to the staff person on duty.
    • Students may not enter the building without the permission of the person on duty.
    • Students must line up immediately when the whistle blows. (Students should fast walk, not run to line up)




    Playground boundaries include the hardtop area inside the fences, the apparatus on the wood chip areas, and the soccer field area.  Students may only retrieve equipment outside the fenced area with the permission of the supervisor on duty.



    · Recommended activities:

      • Basketball
      • 4 square
      • Hopscotch
      • Jump rope
      • Hula Hoops
      • Soccer 


    Primary grades should practice safe play rules on the equipment at the beginning of each year.  Students should keep a safe distance from other students who are using the equipment.


    1. Swings

    ·         Only one student is allowed on a swing at a time

    ·         Students must sit on the swing (no standing)

    ·         Students may not jump off the swing

    ·         No swinging empty seats

    ·         No climbing the poles on the swing set


    1. Climbing apparatus (chin bars, horizontal bars, rings, etc…)

    ·         Students may not stand or sit on the tops of the apparatus

    ·         Only one student may climb at a time

    ·         Students must stay clear of the climbers and not touch them

    ·         Students may hang with hands only (no knees)

    ·         Climb in one direction only and dismount


    1. Balance beam

    ·         Walk only

    ·         Do not interfere with someone walking on the balance beam



    ·         Suggested activities

    a.      Soccer (two 1/2 field games, smaller teams)

    b.      Flag Football

    c.      Frisbee

    ·         Students may play only in the areas designated by staff on duty.

    ·         Students are not to interfere with physical education or other classes.



    Teachers are responsible to model appropriate behavior and classroom usage at the beginning of the year.


    • Students are not permitted to leave the classroom without permission.
    • Students may not run in the classroom or play “throwing” games.
    • Supervising adults are responsible for stopping any activity that is potentially dangerous.