to the
    Joseph E. Ferderbar
    Home & School Association
    Ferderbar Elementary School
    where parents and teachers are
    partners in education!

    The Joseph E. Ferderbar Home & School Association is a self-governing body that is open to all families of Ferderbar and is comprised of parents, guardians, teachers and staff who volunteer their time and talents. The chief objective of the HSA is to develop a bond between the home and the school, enabling students to benefit from an enhanced educational experience while attending Joseph E. Ferderbar Elementary School.

    The HSA provides funding for all assembly programs, class trips, playground equipment, supplementary material/equipment (the Scholastic and Time/Life literature), audio-visual equip-ment, additional library books, and computer software, just to name a few. Thanks to tremendous community support, we've been able to raise the funds for all of these expenditures and many more, as well as raising money for our continuing beautification and playground projects.

    This web page was put together by one of our hard-working volunteers to provide you with an overview of the HSA. It contains useful information about the various committees as well as the events planned for the current school year and our projected committee expenses. Please review this information and see which committee you can volunteer to join. If you are uncertain about a specific committee, we also have a general workers committee whom we call upon for special events, activities or projects.

    We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to the “Ferderbar Family”! By working together, our success can make the difference between just a school and a GREAT school.  It is only through active home and school (parents and teachers) participation that this organization can function. Even if you can only join one committee and spare as little as an hour or two during the entire school year, you’ll be helping to make our children’s school the best that it can be! So please, become an active member of your Home and School Association!