No phones allowed in class!  Cell Phones at Ferderbar

    Cell Phones: Cell phones are discouraged, however, if they are brought to school they must be kept in book bags and turned off.
    Cell phones should not be seen or heard in school. Dr. Doherty, the principal, will implement the following procedures in the event that a student’s cell phone creates a disruption by being seen or heard:
    • First Incident: Phone will be confiscated and returned to the student at the end of the school day.  Parents/guardians will be informed.
    • Second Incident: Phone will be confiscated. Student will receive a recess detention and write a letter of apology to the persons affected.(e.g.teacher,classmates). Parents/guardians may retrieve the phone from the school office at their convenience.
    • Subsequent incidents will incur additional responses and consequences.