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  • Parent University: New Progress Reports

    The progress reports used in Neshaminy elementary schools are changing for the 2017-2018 school year. The district will be offering four informational sessions to allow parents and guardians the opportunity to learn about these changes in person and have their questions answered. In addition, a video of this presentation will be recorded and shared with our elementary school families for those that cannot attend.

    Wednesday August 23 and Tuesday September 19, 2:30 pm, Maple Point Middle School District Board Room

    Wednesday August 23 and Tuesday September 19, 6 pm, Maple Point Middle School Auditorium

    Presenters: Peg Monahan, Supervisor of STEM K-12 and Bob Boffa, Supervisor of English Language Arts & Literacy K-12


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  • Car safety

    We would like to remind everybody to please follow all parking lot procedures for the safety of our students and staff. Check out our safety video here.


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  • Ferderbar earns a SWPBIS banner! 

    Congratulations to our School Wide Positive Behavior Interventions and Support (SWPBIS) team! SWPBIS is teaching behavioral expectations in the same manner as any core curriculum subject. The Ferderbar program was evaluated to determine if use of SWPBIS procedures is related to valued change in the safety, social culture, and violent behavior in schools. Ferderbar passed with flying colors. The team will be recognized this spring in Hershey at the annual State conference on SWPBIS.


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  • We're hiring!

    Neshaminy School District has a variety of employment opportunities, including certified staff, substitute teachers, support staff and co-curricular advisers and coaches. For information please visit our employment web page for information on current vacancies and application materials.


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  • Supplemental Medical Insurance

     Neshaminy is offering parents and guardians the opportunity to purchase a low-cost primary excess group insurance plan for students to supplement their family medical insurance.  The district does not carry medical insurance on students, and student accident insurance can help you eliminate the possibility of out-of-pocket expenses, since many group insurance policies no longer pay full hospital and medical expenses and may require a deductible or co-insurance. For more information and enrollment forms, click here.


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