Memory and Pattern Words

Adventures of the Superkids: Spelling Lists and Pattern Words


Unit #1


I, my, she, her, he, his




dish, fish, wish


dash, crash, trash


lunch, punch, crunch


catch, match, patch

Unit #2


where, what, why, when, which, who



bath, math, path


moth, cloth


thin, think, thick


then, them

Unit #3


do, have, show, how, me, a



king, sing, bring


long, song, strong


candle, handle


battle, cattle, rattle

Unit #4


look, your, the, was, are, for



ever, never

-ed  /ed/

tested, rested

-ed  /d/

yelled, smelled

-ed  /t/

jumped, bumped

Unit #5


there, from, be, to, we, or


help, helping, helped


ask, asking, asked


hug, hugging, hugged


shop, shopping, shopped

Unit #6


said, only, you, out, of, here



go, no, so


be, he, me, she, we



Unit #7


oh, any, day, good, very, want



came, same, game


ride, side, wide


joke, broke, spoke


cute, flute

Unit #8


boy, two, about, girl, over, before


trade, traded, trading


smile, smiled, smiling


hope, hoped, hoping


use, used, using


Unit #9


would, could, some, one, new, were



pain, rain, train


boat, coat


eat, heat, seat


deep, keep, sleep

Unit #10




didn’t, hasn’t, isn’t, aren’t, haven’t, wasn’t, weren’t, couldn’t, wouldn’t




can’t, don’t, won’t


Memory Words and Pattern Words are introduced at the beginning of each unit.  At the end of a unit, students take a spelling test on ten words- all of the Memory Words and selected Pattern Words.  If a spelling list has contractions and/or trickers, children are tested on ten of those words instead of Pattern Words and Memory Words.

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