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Poquessing Activities Directory

There are always fun activities going on at Poquessing Middle School!  For information about MUSIC and 7TH AND 8TH GRADE PIAA SPORTS, please see their individual HEADLINES

Here is a brief synopsis of Poquessing activities!

COMIC BOOK CLUB - Starting in January 2020 the Comic Book Club is a club where students from 5th through 8th grade come to room 218 at 3PM on Thursdays and read comic books and Manga.  We will not just be reading comics, we will teach whoever joins how to draw the many comic book characters you know and love.  Permission slips to join will be left outside of room 218 and the Guidance Office.  You can also see Mrs. Muska.  We look forward to seeing you soon!  Contact Mrs. Muska at for more information.  

DEBATE CLUB - Debate Club meets every Wednesday from late October through May.  Students learn the basics of Debate and how to create an argument in a fun, fast paced environment.  The Club's culminating activity is the Neshaminy Middle School District Debat where we match wits with students from Maple Point and Sandburg.  Contact Mr. Barnes at for more information. 

DIVERSITY CLUB - Contact Mr. Dunfee at for more information. 

FRIENDS OF RACHEL CLUB  Contact Mr. Barnes at or Mrs. Pahulick at for more information.  The Friends of Rachel (FOR) club is about empowering students to create and foster a school culture marked by kindness and compassion.  Friends of Rachel meets on Tuesdays after school in room 109.   

GAME CLUB  - More information coming soon.

HARRY POTTER CLUB - Contact Mrs. Marte at for more information.

HOMEWORK CLUB - Homework Club will be taking place on Tuesdays and Thursdays in room 112 from 3PM to 4PM.  The club is available and ongoing all year.  Students can attend both or either days.  Students can get help with their homework and/or have a quiet place to get work done before they go home.  Students are responsible for knowing what they have to do and bringing it with them.  Students will either take the 4:15PM bus, walk home or parent pick up by 4:50PM.  Contact Ms. Owens at for more information.    Permission slips are available outside of room S-1 or in guidance.  Looking forward to seeing you!!

INTERACT/ROTARY CLUB - Contact Mr. Barnes at for more information.  Interact meets on Monday mornings at 7:25AM in room 109.  If you are looking to make a defference in our school, community and the world, Interact is the club for you.  See Mr. Barnes in room 109 or email him at if you have any questions. 


POTTERY CLUB - Pottery Club will begin on Tuesday, December 3rd.  We will be meeting from 3PM  to 4PM.  Please return your signed permission slip to Mrs. Matz in the Guidance Office.  We will not be accepting students after we reach 20 students.  The first 20 students to return the permission slips will be in the club.  We may be able to accept more students in the Spring.  Thank you!  Contact Mrs. Storck at for more information.

STUDENT COUNCIL - Student Council meets on Mondays after school in room 109 from3PM to 4PM in foom 109.  All 6th through 8th graders are eligible to join.  We will be looking for 5th grade members at a later time.  Student Council runs our dances as well as other fudraiser throughout the year.  Help make Poquessing the best it can be by joining Student Council on the 1th.  See Mr. Barnes in room 109 or email him a bbarnes@neshaminyorg if you have any questions.

YEARBOOK - Poquessing's Yearbook Committee is comprised of 8th grade students eager to put their photograph, videography and graphic design talents to work!  We encourage all grades to submit photos of their school trips, Spring Break, after school activities, etc. for consideration of placement in the yearbook!  To submit a photo please email your picture in jpeg form to and include your name, grade and a little bit about your phot.  Contact Mrs McCurdy at or Mrs. Hazley at for more information.