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Poquessing SOAR

SOAR banner

 What is S.O.A.R?

Our School Wide Positive Behavior Program is a team based systematic approach to teaching behavioral expectations throughout the school. It is based on a proactive model which teaches the behaviors, as it reinforces and recognizes students who are able to model these behaviors. The team approach is what truly makes this system work; we need the support of each family to guarantee our success.


Program Mission Statement

Our Mission is to promote leadership, academic excellence, personal responsibility, pride and a positive culture throughout our school by actively demonstrating positive behavior.



S.O.A.R. Expectations

Arrival & Departure

 Arrive on Time

 Be prepared for the day

 Go to proper area & stay until the bell rings

 Stay behind yellow line

 Stay calm

 Keep hands, feet and objects to self


Hallway & Stairwell

 Walk calmly and stay to the right

 Arrive to class on time

 Keep the hallway clean

 Be kind to others

 Keep track of belongings



 Help others

 Keep hands feet and objects to self

 Follow all classroom procedures

 Listen to adults

 Be an ACTIVE and ENGAGED learner

 Report unkind actions and words

 Respect personal space

 Be aware of academic progress and assignments


 Enter and exit the cafeteria in an orderly manner

 Maintain place in serving line

 Make healthy food choices

 Cooperate with adults

 Use kind words and actions


Locker Rooms and Lavatories

 Be mindful of personal space

 Use the facilities in a respectful manner

 Minimize time in lavatories and locker rooms



 Enter and Exit auditorium in an orderly manner following any directions from an adult

 Sit in assigned seat with assigned group

 Listen quietly to the program and respond appropriately

 Represent POQUESSING and Neshaminy with Pride

 Keep hands, feet and objects to self


SOAR Rewards


Cafeteria reward


SOAR bus


SOAR star

In order to carry a positive action we must develop here a positive vision.
-Dalai Lama


Team Members:
Mrs. Brooke Lesser
Mrs. Terry Zuschnitt
Mr. Grant Passman
Mrs. Melissa Mitnick
Ms. Julie Szramiak
Mrs. Lisa Scott
Ms. Lynn Kirk
Mrs. Rachel Kornblau
Team Administrators:
Mrs. Joann Holland
Mr. Jim Breslin