• Snack Time

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    Our daily schedule allows a short break for snack time in the afternoon.  Please send in a healthy snack every day for your child.  Our afternoon is very long and having a snack helps give your child the energy to make it through the end of the day. 

    Examples of healthy snacks include popcorn, pretzels, cheese sticks, fruit, crackers and yogurt.  Be sure that it is easy to open and eat quickly.  Please do not send in items containing peanuts due to allergies, thank you!


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    Feel free to send in items for your child's birthday.  If it is a treat (ex. cupcakes, donuts, etc.) please make sure it does not contain peanuts due to allergies.  This treat will be given during lunch time to the class. 

    You may also send in non-edible items such as pencils, erasers, or goody bags for your child's birthday.

    Lastly, please use our class directory to send birthday party invites rather than sending them in with your child.  Invitations will not be sent home in school.  Thank you!