• G-1
     Developing a love for reading begins at home, get started with the tips below.
    • Pick a comfortable spot to read - one with plenty of light.
    • Make it a routine - whether it's right before breakfast, or right before bed, set aside a special time every day.
    • Give lots of encouragement! Read the words aloud to your child.  Point to the pictures.  Say the words together.  Laugh with your child.
    • The fun continues after the last page! When you finish a story, ask your child about his/her favorite passages, characters, and illustrations.
    • Always remember the 5 second rule to wait for your child to SOUND OUT the word before offering assistance. 

    Tips to support the control of early reading behaviors:

    Read it with your finger under the word.
    Do you think it looks like__________? 
    Did you have enough words in the sentence? 
    Read that again and start with the first word.
    Tips to support self-monitoring behaviors:
    Why did you stop? 
    It could be __________, but look at ________. 
    Where's the tricky work? (after error) 
    Try that again. 
    Were you right? 

    Tips to support searching for cues meaning:

    Try that again. 
    You said__________. Does that make sense? 
    Look at the picture. 
    What might happen next, in the story? 
    Did that make sense? 
    What would make sense? 
    Try __________, would that make sense?


    Does it look right? 
    Can you say it that way? 
    What would sound right? 
    Try __________. Would that sound right?


    Does it look right? 
    What do you expect to see at the beginning? at the end? 
    Do you know a work like that? 
    What does it start with? Can you say more than that? 
    What do you know that might help?

    To support cross-checking:

    Check the picture.  
    What could you try? 
    Try that again and think what would make sense? 
    Do you know a word that starts with those letters? Ends with those letters?
    Check it. Does it look right and sound right to you?  
    What part do you know?
    What do you know that might help?

    Tips to support self-correction:

    You're nearly right. Try that again. 
    I liked the way you worked that out. 
    You made a mistake. Can you find it? 
    Something wasn't quite right. 

    Tips to support phrased, fluent reading:

    Put your words together so it sounds like talking. 
    Can you read this quickly?