Mrs. Wiley's Supply List 2020-2021


      A large easy opening schoolbag

      1 empty plastic (snap shut) pencil box

      1 folder (2 pocket) - any design is fine

      10-15 glue sticks

      2 boxes 24 CRAYOLA crayons

      1 box of tissues

      1-2 containers of disinfecting wipes

      1 container of hand sanitizer

      2-3 black dry erase markers (THIN EXPO MARKERS ONLY)

      2 cans of play-doh (.4/.5 ounces)

      A pair of kids fiskars scissors   

      A labeled art smock (mom or dad's old t-shirt works best-no buttons please)

      Headphones, for laptop use – please put in a gallon sized zipper bag with your child’s name on it. Do not send earbuds, we need headphones. The connector needs to be straight and not a 90-degree turn. See the picture below..we want the straight connector.


      SNACK: You will need to send two small healthy snacks and two small juice/water each day. I will send home more details the first day of school.

      LUNCH: Your child will also need lunch every day. I suggest packing it the first week as we settle into our routines.


      Please have the following materials at home for completing homework:

      pencils, crayons, eraser, glue, and scissors.