• You may send a lunch to school with your child or have him/her buy lunch.  Student lunch periods are 30 minutes.  For the school 2022-23, lunch for our class is from 11:15-11:45, immediately followed by a half-hour recess.  Children may also bring one healthy snack for the afternoon.  **Please do not send juice for snack time.  
    Free and reduced lunch: Information about and the application for free and reduced lunch can be found at: Free and Reduced Lunch Consider applying if you qualify.  Children who use this program are not singled out in any way.  They purchase lunch using their PIN number like all other children. 
    Packing lunch:  Please try to pack healthy foods and drinks.  Please remind your child not to share food as there are children who have food allergies. 
    Buying lunch:
    Each month a menu will be posted to the Neshaminy website where you can see the lunch choices. Click the link to the right: MENU
    I will also have a menu posted in the classroom.  There are certain entrees which are available every day.
    All students are given a lunch ID Card which contatins a PIN number.  Every time a student buys something from the cafeteria, s/he is asked swipe the ID card or to type in that PIN number.  If your child forgets lunch, s/he may use this ID card PIN number to borrow money from the school and buy a lunch.  The PIN number remains the same until graduation from high school!  The ID cards will be kept at school.
    If your child is nervous about buying lunch, please email me or write a note and I will help him/her. 
    You may pay for lunch online or by sending in a check or cash.  If you are sending check/cash to school, it is more efficient if you send money in once a week/month rather than sending the money daily.  When money is sent in, teachers collect it in the morning and then send it to the cafeteria.  This way time isn't spent inputting money during lunch times.  When you send in cash or a check, make sure to put it in an envelope and WRITE YOUR CHILD'S FIRST AND LAST NAME ON THE FRONT OF THE ENVELOPE.  Also write, "Food Services."
    Thank you for your help!
    Here is the link to the Food Services Webpage: FOOD SERVICES