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    Ms. Karen Pruss  

    Business, Computers & Information Technology Department


    Contact me:  kpruss@neshaminy.org 

    Voicemail:  215-809-7674


    Neshaminy's BCIT courses provide all students with the critical thinking, computer programming, and money management skills necessary for success in today's rapidly changing world.

    In the middle school years, students receive their first formal BCIT instruction, beginning in 5th grade. With a concentration on building a strong foundation in the digital and computational skills necessary for success, students begin with an introduction to computer concepts and build their way up to creating games, animations, and computational projects that put their critical thinking skills into practice.

    5th Grade:

    5th grade students learn the basics of computers, digital literacy, money management and block-based coding.

    7th Grade:

    In 7th grade, students progress to text-based programming using the most popular programming language - Python. 

    8th Grade:

    Students in 8th grade receive a combination of Python, HTML/CSS, and money management essentials.

    Neshaminy High Schools BCIT Dept:

    When students move on to the high school, our many BCIT courses provide further concentration in business courses such as cyber security, civil and criminal law, introduction to business, marketing, and many more.  








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