• General Information

    Welcome Back!  Here are a few helpful hints for the 2021-2022 School Year -

    • School Hours - Doors open at 7:25am.  The school day ends at 2:55pm.
    • Late Students - Arrive by 7:45am so you have time to go to your locker.  The bell rings at 7:50am.  You must be in homeroom by 7:55am or you are considered late.  If you are late you come to the office to sign in and get a late pass.  Parents/Guardians do not need to come into the building to sign their children in late.
    • Early Dismissal - If your child is leaving school early, write a note with your child's first name, last name & the time you will be picking them up.  Your child should bring this note to the office before homeroom.  If you forget to send in a note or schedule a last minute appointment, you do not need to call the office to let us know, just come to the main office with your ID when you need your child. 
    • Absences – You do not need to call the office when your child is absent unless they are absent for 3 or more days.  When your child is absent a note must be turned in to their homeroom teacher explaining why they were absent.  Failure to bring in a note within 3 days of your child's absence will result in referral to the office for disciplinary action. Click here to get to the handbook documents  
    • Physical Education Notes - Medical excuse notes for Physical Education should be given to your PE teacher during PE class.