• Carl Sandburg Middle School
    30 Harmony Road
    Levittown, PA  19056
    Fax Number - 215-809-6701  
    Main Number - 215-809-6220
    ***Helpful hint – All calls coming from Carl Sandburg

    will show up as 215-809-6220 on caller ID,

    so if you add 215-809-6220 to the contacts on your phone,

    all calls from Carl Sandburg should come through

    and not come up as SPAM.***


    Assistant Principal
     Office Staff
    Joyce Caban
    Secretary, Principal
    Email 215-809-6223
    Amy Robinson Secretary, Attendance and Assistant Principal Email 215-809-6226
    Geriann Fullen Secretary, Counselors Email 215-809-6225
    Denise Mamie Clerk Email 215-809-6220

    Student Support Staff
    Stephen Link Coordinator of Student Affairs Email   215-809-6203
    Deborah Glasson

    Counselor: all of 5th & 6th A-G

    Email Website 215-809-6225
    Courtenay Duffy

    Counselor: all of 7th & 6th P-Z

    Email Website 215-809-6225
    Giuliana Sophy

    Counselor: all of 8th & 6th H-O

    Email Website 215-809-6225
    Sharon Binder Nurse Email Website 215-809-6386
    Greg Lausch Home & School Visitor Email   215-809-6596