Mrs. Kelly    

    Thanks for visiting the Carl Sandburg Middle School web page where “Together, We Reach Beyond Today.” My name is Dawn Kelly and I am honored to serve as your Principal.
    I began working in the Neshaminy School District in 1993 after teaching outside the district for three years . During this time, I have been a teacher at Hoover Elementary School, Assistant Principal at Maple Point Middle School, Principal at Samuel Everitt Elementary School and am currently enjoying my 20th year as Principal at Sandburg. I love working with children and take the responsibility of shaping the minds of tomorrow’s leaders very seriously. Everyone should lead their lives with some guiding principles.

    I believe firmly in the following:

    1. Learning is a lifelong process.
    2. Our students should have equal access to all educational opportunities.
    3. Education is essential for individual growth and self-worth.
    4. Education should provide an appreciation and understanding of diversity.
    5. Adults should be positive role models for youths.
    6. Communication is essential for education and is a shared responsibility.
    7. High expectations must continually be in place to challenge students.
    8. Rigor, relevance, literacy, and rapport are necessary components in all our classrooms.

    You can guarantee your success by giving the maximum effort in the classroom. The entire faculty is willing to offer you help and assistance, but remember, you are responsible for your own success. You must be an active learner.
    Do not hesitate to seek advice or assistance. Please ask your teachers, your counselor, or administrators. We encourage your best efforts and are confident you will have a great year!
    I sincerely appreciate you visiting our web page and look forward to working with you now and into the future. Please let us know when we may assist you.
    Mrs. Dawn Kelly