• Grading Policy
    Check out the link above to the PE grading policy.  Your child is responsible for having the appropriate clothing for class.  Shorts or sweatpants are permitted. Students MUST change for class!  Sandburg team uniforms are not acceptable PE clothes, nor are the clothes the students wears to school.  Sneakers are the only acception.
     Don't put those swimsuits away.  All students will swim about 1/3 of every marking period. 
    All students will need a combination lock for physical education class.  Student belongings should be locked up during class and then taken with them (along with the lock) after class.  PE things can not be left in the locker room lockers all day as there are not enough lockers to accomodate all students.
    1st Marking Period Activities  (each activity runs approximately 7 class periods)
    6th grade: Team Building, Throw/catch/strike, Into swimming (front crawl, back crawl)
    7th Grade: Inline skating, invasion games, Swimming (stroke review)
    8th Grade: Biking, Badminton/Pickleball, Intro Water Safety and approach strokes
    2nd Marking Period Activities (each activity runs about 7 class periods)
    6th: Striking/ Swim Strokes/ Fitness Center
    7th: Games/ Swim (snorkeling)/ Aerobics and fitness center
    8th: Games/ Boating course/ Fitness Center and Step Aerobics 
    3rd Marking Period Activities (each runs about 7 class periods)
    6th: Line Dancing/ Passball/ Swim strokes and diving
    7th: Square Dancing/Volleyball/ Long laps and breast stroke
    8th: Boating and Water Safety Awareness Course/ Volleyball/ Ballroom dancing   
    4th Marking Period Activities:
    6th grade: Orienteering/intro canoeing/recreational games
    7th grade: Lifetime recreational games unit (to include 4 days in the pool for canoeing and intro to Stand Up Paddleboards)
    8th grade: Kayak/Canoe/Outdoor Sport
    1st MP News
    Students are getting well acclimated to PE rules.  Parents can help by reminding their student to have PE clothes every other day (grades 6-8).