• Reading strategies are those things students do to help them  understand what they are reading.  Reading strategies are often categorized as those behaviors designed to help students before, during,and after they read.  As a reader, it is important to learn and use multiple strategies for different texts, different reading purposes, and for different subject areas.

    Reading teachers and experts have helped us to think about reading as those things we do to help us before we read a text, while we are reading the text, and after we have finished reading the text.  Some examples include:


    Before Reading the Text (Pre-reading)

    • Establish a purpose
    • Preview or survey the text
    • Use prior knowledge
    • Make predictions
    • Identify new vocabulary


    During Reading

    • Confirm revise or reject predictions
    • Create mental images
    • Ask questions
    • Clarify understanding
    • Connect text to self, world and other texts
    • Draw inferences


    After Reading

    • Summarize and synthesize
    • Respond to text
    • Answer questions
    • Connect text to self, world and other texts