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    Into Reading teaches 120 High Frequency Words in Kindergarten. These are also commonly referred to as "sight words." Some of these words are decodable (students can sound out) and others are irregular (cannot be sounded out). We will learn and practice strategies to remember the irregular words. 

    Attached is the list from Into, which also includes the weekly vocabulary words, and sight word flash cards that you may print to practice with your child. 


  • Some fun strategies to practice sight words...

    Flashcards: Work on recognizing and reading the words quickly

    - Go on a "word hunt" at home: Write each word on an index card and hide the words around the house. Go on a hunt to find them all

    - Sensory write: Practice writing the words in sand, salt, flour, etc.

    - Play-doh: Spell the words using play-doh

    - Spell words using magnetic letters

    - "Clap out" or "Tap out" the words to add some fun movement into learning

    - Search for the words in books, magazines, on billboards, etc.

    - Utilize whiteboards or chalkboards to write the words. Or, write them all and have your child erase the ones he/she can read

    - Use a sight word to make up a sentence

    Be creative and have fun!