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    Tawanka Families,

                As members of the Tawanka Elementary School community, we each play an important role in ensuring the success of every student in our building.  We know that when we all work together, amazing things happen. 

    Tawanka Elementary is a Title I School, and as such, is required to develop a Home School Compact to promote a shared responsibility among staff, families, and students in order to achieve the highest levels of academic success.  The attached Title I Home School Compact has been developed and revised jointly with parents of Tawanka students at a parent meeting held on October 3, 2023, and outlines the various responsibilities of each member of our home and school team here at Tawanka.  This compact will be in effect for the period of one year.

    Please take some time to review the Home School Compact with your child.  Reach out to Tawanka’s Title I Literacy Specialists Andrea Gansor (agansor@neshaminy.org) or Beth Smith (bsmith@neshaminy.org) with any questions. 



    Donald Palmer




    Tawanka Elementary School Title I Home-School Compact



    As a Tawanka Eagle, I realize that my education is important, and I know that I am responsible for my own success.

    Therefore, I will…

    • Get to school on time every day that I am healthy.
    • Be prepared with materials and homework.
    • Be a respectful, responsible, and safe student.
    • Read for at least 15 minutes every day.
    • Ask for help when I need it.
    • Remember that it’s okay to make (and learn from) mistakes.
    • Always try my best and believe in myself. 


    As a parent of a Tawanka Eagle, I will…

    • Provide activities at home that continue my child's classroom learning.
    • Provide adequate space and enough time for my child to complete their homework.
    • Monitor my child's progress and work brought home.
    • Read at home with my child and let my child see me read for enjoyment as well.
    • Actively participate in school events and parent-teacher conferences.
    • Volunteer in my child’s classroom when I am able.
    • Contact the teacher when I am concerned about my child's progress or have a question.
    • Show my child that I believe in them.


    As a teacher of Tawanka Eagles, I will…

    • Provide high-quality curriculum and instruction in a supportive environment that allows students to learn basic and advanced math and literacy skills and perform challenging work aligned to the state's academic standards.
    • Provide meaningful learning activities with clear directions for parents to use at home that reinforce classroom learning.
    • Offer special assistance and provide more time to accommodate students' individual learning needs.
    • Meet with students and families to discuss student progress through data chats and parent conferences, using Language Line when needed to communicate with families in their native language.
    • Provide ongoing communication with families about the math and literacy skills their children are learning.
    • Encourage parents to read with their children at least 15 minutes a day.


    Revised: October 2022

    This Parent-Student-School Compact has been developed jointly with, and agreed on with, parents of children participating in Title I, Part A programs, as evidenced by the parent meeting held on October 3, 2022.  This compact will be in effect for the period of one year.  The school will make available this compact to all parents of participating Title I, Part A children on or before November 30, 2022.