Supply List

Second Grade Supply List 19-20

  •  Below is a list of school supplies all second graders will need for the duration of the year. All the items must be marked with your child's first and last initials. Please use a black Sharpie.

    All supplies will need to be replenished throughout the year. As your child progresses through second grade, notes will be sent home about any supplies that will need to be replenished.

    Please send the following to school on the first day:

    * 1 book bak

    * 1 dozen SHARPENED pencils

    * 1 big eraser

    * 1 large glue stick

    *1 pair of small scissors

    * 1 box of 24 crayons

    * 1 pencil sharpener with screw on lid

    * 1 yellow highlighter

    * 4 dry erase low odor fine point markers

    * 1 eraser for white board

    * 1 soft sided zipper pencil case

    * 1 blue folder (no prongs)

    * 1 green folder (no prongs)

    * 1 red folder (no prongs)

    * 1 yellow folder (no prongs)

    * 2 boxes of tissues

    * 1 container of Clorox/Lysol Wipes

    * 1 container of hand sanitizer (for the class)

    * 1 bottle of hand soap

    * 2 book covers (1 Large and 1 Jumbo book sock)

    * 1 old t-shirt for art class LABELED with child's name

    * 1 pair of headphones (please, no ear buds)

    * 1 water bottle with lid

    * 1 book for independent reading

    * 1 hard-sided, wide-ruled, marble compostion book

    * 1 Writer's Notebook

          - The larger the size of your child's Writer's Notebook, the better!

          - A count of 40 pages or more is most desirable.

          - Please decorate or scrapbook the front cover with pictures that tell about them. You may use scrapbook materials, computer generated or hand-drawn pictures!

          - Please be sure your child's Writer's Notebook is clearly labeled with his/her first and last name.

    We are looking forward to the new school year!

    The 2nd Grade Teachers