• Dear Parent(s) and Guardian(s),

    I am personally challenging all of our students to continue to read and write this summer in order to combat the phenomenon known as “the summer slide.”  An article in Education Weekly (May 29, 2018) states “the average student loses one to three months of learning over the summer.”  My hope is that our students will maintain their academic skills during July and August, and that they will be ready to experience continued success at Hoover in September.  This summer literacy challenge will help make this hope a reality.

    There are two literacy tools that you will need in order to support your child with “Dr. G.’s Summer Literacy Challenge:”

    A Reading Log Calendar – There are 64 days on this calendar that begins June 16 and ends August 28.  The challenge is for our students to read for at least fifteen minutes every day.  Fifteen minutes of reading will equal “one block” of reading, and students are welcome to record the number of fifteen minute blocks that they read each day. In the square for each day, there is a space to record the number of Blocks read, and another space for your initials, so that you can verify that your child read for the time recorded on the Reading Log. 

    A Writing Journal – The journal for the primary grades is for students going into 1st and 2nd grades. The one for intermediate grades is for students going into 3rd and 4th grades.  The prompts are all the same, and your child may need your help with reading them. They are just ideas, and a student who wants to write about a different experience, or another topic, is welcome to do so.  Please refer to the reminder to the writers on the front of the journal. Good writers include a beginning, a middle, and an end in their work. Included in the journal is a sample writing page that you are welcome to use, but any paper is acceptable.

    My challenge consists of two parts:

    1. Students must read for at least one fifteen minute block every day this summer.
    2. Students must respond to at least one writing prompt each week this summer.

    Students who complete the challenge will be invited to a carnival themed literacy celebration at Hoover in September. In order to be invited to the literacy celebration in September, your child must complete at least 50 fifteen minute blocks of reading this summer, and your child must respond to at least five writing prompts. Students who complete “Dr. G.’s Summer Literacy Challenge” will receive tickets for games at the literacy celebration. They will also be able to enjoy some light refreshments. The literacy celebration will be scheduled to take place during the school day. 

    My staff and I hope that your child will participate in this challenge, and the celebration in September. We also hope that your child will have fun while reading some great books this summer!  Please print the attached literacy tools, and review them with your child. Please create a space in your summer schedule to support your child with this literacy challenge.

    Have a great summer!

    David S. Glennon, Ph.D.