School Supply List for 2020-2021 School Year

    Welcome to second grade!  We are requesting that students have the following items with them to start the new school year.  Certain items will only be needed when we begin our hybrid model. 




    1 Clear, plastic shoebox container  *can be purchased at the Dollar Store (for extra supplies to be kept in the classroom) 

    Pencil Box (all supplies must fit inside) 8x5 or so size

    Pencil Sharpener with lid

    Crayons (Box of 24 or less) or Colored Pencils (not both)

    1 Highlighter

    2 Boxes sharpened Ticonderoga #2 Pencils 

    2 Green pens 

    1 Pair of Fiskars scissors

    3 Folders with pockets, one will be used for homework (Please label with child’s name)

    Pencil Top Erasers

    2 Large glue sticks

    2 Packs of 4 colored Dry Erase markers WITHOUT erasers on top (Please label with child’s name on each box)

    Dry Erase Eraser (not marker with eraser on top) or sock to use as an eraser

    3 Composition books (for writing, science, and social studies)

    Headphones (NOT earbuds) for Chromebooks (in Ziploc bag labeled with their name)

    2 Large Boxes of tissues

    1 Large Hand Soap with Dispenser

    2 containers of Clorox disinfecting wipes (if possible)

    1 Large Hand sanitizer with Dispenser

    1 Pocket Hand Sanitizer (to keep at desk)

    Art smock:  a large old tee shirt would work (in Ziploc bag labeled with their name)

    Yoga Mat or Beach Towel (to be left at school to use for outdoor learning, please label with their name)





    Thank you for your cooperation. Have a safe and happy summer. See you in September!                  pencils