• Ferderbar Title 1 Home School Compact 2022-2023



    ·  I will expect all students to learn.

    ·  I will strive to create a partnership with  every Title 1 family, listening to you and your child.

    ·  I will provide a safe, welcoming environment for students.

    ·  I will provide access to a useful Title 1 website.

    ·  I will monitor student progress and update information about progress regularly at Parent Teacher conferences.

    ·  I will send home learning materials regularly so parents can help their child at home with reading/spelling.

    · I will respond to phone calls and notes in a timely manner.

    · I will strive to be knowledgeable about best practice and the latest developments in the field of literacy so I can support students in the best possible way.

    · I will provide encourage parents to volunteer and be present in my Title 1 classroom providing ample opportunities for them to do so.



    · I will let my child’s teachers know when he or she experiences difficulty with something at home.

    · I will contact teachers when I am concerned or have questions about my child and his or her progress.

    · I will make sure that my child reads for at least 20 minutes a day and make sure my child sees me read and write daily.

    · I will make every effort to volunteer in my child’s classroom and attend activities planned by the Title 1 staff.

    · I will talk to my child about what he or she is learning in school.

    · I will help my child to set and reach his or her literacy goals.

    · I will regularly use Title 1 materials sent home by the teacher to encourage the literacy growth of my child.

    · I will limit television and video games, and encourage exercise, rest and proper nutrition.

    · I will be sure my child attends school regularly and on time.


    · I will talk to my parents about what I am learning in school.

    · I will let my teacher and family know when I need help with something.

    · I will remember that practice makes permanent – and that it takes many hours of practice to become an expert.

    · I will complete all assignments that my teachers send home.

    · I will ask questions when I don’t understand something.

    · I will be responsible for delivering notices to my parents and encourage them to be involved in my school activities.

    · I will study and read books every day instead of playing video games and watching TV.

    · I will be sure to get enough rest, exercise every day and eat a healthy breakfast so I’m ready to work hard at school.

    · I will work to resolve conflict in non-violent ways.

    This Parent-Student-School Compact has been developed jointly with, and agreed on with, parents of children participating in Title I, Part A programs, as evidenced by the parent meeting held on October 3, 2022.


    This compact will be in effect for the period of one year.  The school will make available this compact to all parents of participating Title I, Part A children on or before November 30, 2022.