• What is SWPBIS?

    SWPBIS stands for School-Wide Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports. It is a program that focuses on prevention through the creation of a school culture that is positive, safe, predictable and consistent.
    The goal of SWPBIS is to create a social culture in our school that will encourage positive behavior and interactions while discouraging problem behaviors. This social culture will lead to a safe environment where students achieve academically and build positive relationships with each other and adults. The foundation of the approach emphasizes teaching students the behaviors we expect to see, reminding them to use those behaviors, acknowledging them when they do and correcting them when they do not.

    Joseph Ferderbar Elementary School’s school-wide expectations are: Be Safe, Be Responsible and Be Respectful. We have created the “Panther Pride Club” ticket to catch students doing the right thing and to reward them for making Joseph Ferderbar Elementary School a better place to learn. Students who are “caught” being Safe, Responsible and Respectful are given a Panther’s Pride ticket which is then redeemed at the end of each school day for a small token of appreciation, as well as a spot on our Panther Pride board and have their names proclaimed during the morning’s announcements. Once ten names in a row are filled on the board, those students will receive a prize. Parents will also receive a phone call from a faculty member to let them know of their child’s great behavior.
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