• Second Chance Learning Policy

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    Who is eligible for second-chance learning? 

    • All students are eligible for second-chance learning opportunities, regardless of their original grade on the assessment.

    What assessments are eligible for second-chance learning?

    • Second-chance learning is offered for unit tests and quizzes, essays, and projects

    • Homework is not eligible for second-chance learning.

    • District Assessments are eligible for second-chance learning.

    What does the second-chance assessment look like?

    • The second-chance assessment IS DIFFERENT from the original assessment.

    • The second-chance assessment can be of a different format from the original assessment. (i.e. If the original test was multiple-choice and short answer, the second-chance test can be an essay test.)

    What must a student do in order to be eligible for second-chance learning?

    • The student MUST complete the original assessment on time (unless the student is absent; then the student must complete the assessment in the number of days allotted per the district’s absence policy).

    • The student MUST complete the second-chance learning request sheet within one week of receiving the grade on the original assessment. This request sheet will formally indicate the student’s request for a second chance, including why the student believes the second chance is needed and parent acknowledgement of this.   It will also indicate the steps the student needs to take prior to re-submitting the essay or project, or taking the new test.

    • The steps the student must complete will include the following, to be determined by the teacher and the student:

      • Meet with the teacher after school or during WIN Period to review the original test and/or content.

      • Complete a second-chance learning packet at home about the content (a study guide)

      • Complete written test corrections on the first test

      • Create study resources on their own (i.e. flash cards, mind map, outline notes, etc.) and show visual proof to the teacher.

      • Complete all incomplete homework and/or classwork from the lesson being assessed (Note: Because this would be done after the unit test, the work itself would no longer be eligible for full credit.)


    How long does a student have to do second-chance learning?

    • Students have ONE WEEK from the time the original assessment grade is returned to make a formal request for second-chance learning via the signed request form.  

    • Students have ONE WEEK from the time the formal request is made to complete the work, per the list above, AND to complete the second-chance assessment.

    When and how is the second-chance assessment administered?

    • Students should take the second-chance test at a time that is up to teacher discretion.  

    • Second-chance assessments will NOT be given during regular class time.

    What happens with the grade earned on the second-chance assessment?

    • The student will keep the highest grade earned on the assessments.  If the grade earned on the original assessment is higher than the grade on the second-chance assessment, the student will keep the original grade.
    Students are able to re-test during standard extra help times.
    Every Tuesday morning before homeroom (7:25 - 7:55),
    any W.I.N. period (be sure to get a pass from me), and
    during any O.P. (be sure to get a pass from me).