• Absence Notes

    By state law, schools are required to keep accurate attendance data, including absence notes.  School district policy requires that absence notes be submitted to the homeroom teacher within three (3) school days upon the student’s return to school.  If an absence note is not submitted within three days, the student will be refered to the office and may be required to serve a detention.  

7th Grade Homeroom F-6

  • Please help by Donating

    The following are items that are always in need and can be donated to our classroom anytime this year:

    • tissues
    • hand sanitizer
    • disinfecting wipes



    CSMS collects Box Top coupons to raise money for our school.  We will be collecting Box Tops all year long.  All you need to do is cut them off of the box or package they are on, stick them in a baggie, and send them to school with your child.

    Box Tops