If your child needs to leave school early during the school day, please follow the procedure outlined below:
    • Have your child bring a note to the front office BEFORE HOMEROOM.  This note should include the time the child will be picked up and the name of the person who will be signing them out of school.  Click here to print the Early Dismissal Note Form
    • We will then give your child an early dismissal pass that they will show to their teacher to be dismissed.  Hopefully, they will be waiting in the office for you when you arrive.

    This procedure allows us to inform our teachers of the student's early dismissal and limits interrupting classrooms.  Thank you for your cooperation.

    We realize that there are times when you forget to send in a note or didn't know you needed to take your child out of school early until after they left for school.  If this happens,  there is no need to call the office and tell us,  just come to the school, then we will call him/her to the office for dismissal.  Please provide proper ID for security purposes.
    Again, thank you for your cooperation!