I try and send home a picture of the agenda book that is copied down in the student's books via Remind.  If you have not joined for the 2018-2019 school year, please text 81010 with the message @gg4dk to join.

    Please check your child's Agenda Book each night to see what assignments are due.  We copy down our homework as soon as they arrive at school each day. Please initial each night that you've seen their assignments and assignment book.
       The Agenda Book is a good way for open communication between us.  I will often write notes in there if your child didn't complete an assignment.  If we work as a team, your child/ren will benefit. 

       In addition to the work that is in their Agenda Book, I'd like your child to be reading a minimum of 15-25 minutes per night 3-4 times a week.  The more they read, the more they will enjoy reading.  Ask your child about the book...characters, setting, problems, and solutions.  Most importantly, let them see YOU read.  You could even choose to read the same book and talk about it together after each night.

        On Friday, they will need to fill out their RRL (Reading Response Log).  They  need to respond to their reading for the week.  This may be a summary, questions, predictions or other strategy we may be working on in class.