About Our School

    Our school was opened in the fall of 1955 and given the Lenni Lenape name of Poquessing Elementary School. There was only one wing at that time. Mrs. Duminiak (a former computer teacher) was in the first group of students to study in the new school.

    Our school was renamed for Dr. Joseph Ferderbar, a highly respected and much liked educator who was the superintendent of the Neshaminy School District. Prior to his long tenure as superintendent, Dr. Ferderbar was a mathematics teacher and a principal. Unfortunately he died suddenly only a short time after his retirement. He had visited our elementary school earlier that day and as always inspired us with his humor and insights.


    Doctor Joseph Ferderbar

    Dr. Joseph Ferderbar

    In recognition of his many fine accomplishments and his long service to our school district and community; our school, then named the Poquessing Elementary School, was renamed in his honor. Dedication ceremonies for the Joseph E. Ferderbar Elementary School were held and a painting of Dr. Ferderbar unveiled.

    Dr. Ferderbar's widow Betty, who passed away in December, 2019, used to visit spring instrumental and choral concerts to remind us of the special link between our school family and the Ferderbar family.

    One of our concerts featured American patriotic music, Dr. Ferderbar's favorite, and students sang a special song about all of Dr. Ferderbar's favorite things written by now retired orchestra teacher Mrs. Sandy McLoughlin.

    The Ferderbar grandchildren:

    ferd kids

    Grandchildren Joseph, Kate and Sarah when they were elementary school-aged...
    Grandchildren of Joseph Ferderbar          Grandchildren of Joseph Ferderbar
    ...and more recently (2017) during a visit to Joseph Ferderbar ES.

    Our building has grown a great deal since the 1950s and recently underwent more renovations. A brand new gymnasium was built and our cafeteria was refurbished. The wing containing this computer lab has been completely redone.


    A student contest was held to name our newly opened cafeteria. The winning name was the Ferd Rock Cafe!
    We have a very active Home and School Association. Our parent volunteers run fundraisers and sponsor assembly programs, school trips, and a variety of fun extras to benefit our students and our school. We have our own custom designed school sweatshirts and T-shirts.
    Each year a new T-shirt design is chosen and the children whose families join the Home and School Association receive one free!