• Math Concepts Covered this Year:


    Ready Math Curriculum


    Building Number Sense


    Subtraction Numbers to 120

    Addition with Three Addends

    Place Value

    2D & 3D Shapes


    Telling Time

    Data & Graphing 




    Reading Concepts Covered this Year:


    Into Reading Curriculum


    Into Reading includes appropriately rigorous, high quality texts that are the focus of students' reading, writing, speaking and listening, and language practice. Students are provided opportunities to develop these skills over the course of the school year. The texts are organized to support content knowledge building and increase academic vocabulary, and include implementation supports to assure students meet grade level goals.

    - whole and small group instruction
    - read alouds, shared, partner, choral, and silent reading 
    - fluency, vocabulary, phonics, phonemic awareness segmentation
    - iReady "My Path" to meet the needs of each individual student


    Science Concepts Covered This Year:


    Foss – Air & Weather, Solids & Liquids


    Social Studies Concepts Covered This Year:

    • The importance of having rules
    • The importance of learning from each other
    • Helpers at school
    • Map skills
    • School long ago vs. today
    • Family traditions