• myView Literacy is a comprehensive English Language Arts (ELA) curriculum for students in Grades K-5. It provides a balanced approach to teaching reading, writing, speaking, listening, and thinking through Reading and Writing Workshops. The all-new, print and digital curriculum includes authentic texts and minilessons, flexible resources, and meaningful differentiation. Inspire every student to see the world with fresh eyes, to share their ideas and shape their stories.

    Areas of Focus:

    • Phonological Awareness

    • Phonics

    • High-frequency Words (words students should be able to identify and read)

    • Decodable Text 

    Unit 1

    Phonological Awareness: Initial Sounds Initial and Final Sounds Recognize Alliteration Medial Sounds Blend and Segment Onset and Rime,

    Phonics: Consonants Mm /m/ and Tt /t/ Short Aa /a/ Consonant Ss /s/ Consonants Pp /p/ and Cc /k/ Short Ii /i/ Consonant Nn /n/ Consonants Bb /b/ and Rr /r/ Word Families -at, -in, -ip /a/ Spelled Aa /i/ Spelled Ii

    High Frequency Words: I, am, the, like, to, a, have, is, he, my, we, make, for, me, with she, see, look 

    Unit 2

    Phonological Awareness:  Initial and Final Sounds Segment and Blend Phonemes Alliteration Identify and Count Words Segment and Blend Onset and Rime Blended Sounds Rhyming Words Medial Sounds Initial Sounds 

    Phonics: Consonants Dd /d/ and Kk /k/ Short Oo /o/ Consonant Ff /f/ Consonants Hh /h/ and Ll /l/ Consonant Gg /g/ Initial and Final Consonant Blends Short Ee /e/ Consonants Ww /w/ and Yy /y/ Word Families -op, -ot, -en, -et /e/ Spelled Ee 

    High Frequency Words: are, that, of, they, you, do, one, two, three, four, five, here, go, from, yellow, blue, green, what 

    Unit 3

    Phonological Awareness: Syllables Final Sounds Medial Sounds Rhyming Words Initial Sounds Identify and Count Words

    Phonics: Consonants Jj /j/ and Xx /ks/ Short Uu /u/ Consonant Vv /v/ Consonants Zz /z/ and Qq /kw/ Short Aa /a/ and Long Aa /ā/ Short Ii /i/ and Long Ii /ā/ Word Families -ug, -un, -ub, -ut 

    High Frequency Words: was, said, where, any, come, play, her, how, down, away, give, little, some, were, funny, live, know, going 

    Unit 4

    Phonological Awareness: Medial Sounds Segment and Blend Phonemes Identify and Count Syllables Syllables Identify and Count Words Recognize Alliteration Rhyming Words Add Phonemes 

    Phonics: Short Oo /o/ and Long Oo /ō/ Short Uu /u/ and Long Uu /ū/ Short Ee /e/ and Long Ee /ē/ Pp /p/ and Yy /y/ Short Ii /i/ and Long Ii /ī/ Dd /d/, Ff /f/, Vv /v/ Hh and Xx Short Uu /u/ and Long Uu /ū/ 

    High Frequency Words: find, over, again, all, now, pretty, black, brown, white, good, open, could, want, every, please, may, this, round 

    Unit 5

    Phonological Awareness: Segment and Blend Phonemes Manipulate Syllables Identify and Count Syllables Add Phonemes Recognize Alliteration Manipulate Syllables Substitute Phonemes 

    Phonics: Cc /k/ and Tt /t/ Short Oo /o/ and Long Oo /ō/ Bb /b/, Jj /j/ Gg /g/, Qq /kw/ Kk /k/, Ss /s/, Ww /w/, and Mm /m/ Ll /l/, Nn /n/, Rr /r/, and Zz /z/ Consonant Blends Words and Sentences 

    High Frequency Words: be, saw, our, eat, soon, walk, who, into, there, so, out, then, new, too, when, no, say, under