• Hi All-

    UPDATE: PLEASE CHECK THE DISTRICT WEBSITE. https://www.neshaminy.org/Page/41853



    I hope everyone is staying safe during this crazy time! With all this going on, I wanted to reach out with some resources that can keep your child on a schedule at home! As you know, schedule is very important for the students! Keeping even a little bit of our routine from school, at home, will enable a smoother transition when school is back in session!

    Below you can find some resources of things we do daily at school. I am not saying that these resources will keep your child busy ALL DAY, but I am saying that it will continue to maintain the skills they have worked so tirelessly to learn. 

    I have reached out to all families concerning usernames and passwords for CLEVER and KHAN ACADEMY. If you have any issues, please reach out to me. 1st grade uses them regularly, as kindergarten does not, so it may be more difficult for them to understand. Khan Academy has some great resources and lessons for your child in all subject areas with the grade they belong to!

    If you have an IEP meeting scheduled for during this leave, it WILL be rescheduled. The IEP will be finished and updated at time of the original meeting to keep state compliance! Please be patient as there will be many meetings that have to be rescheduled!


    Sight Word List (in flashcards): http://www.gvaschools.org/ourpages/auto/2015/9/4/40271891/mrprintables-dolch-words-all-bw.pdf

    Monkey Stretching- We do this EVERY morning to start our day with a focused mind- ALL love it- I attached the students' favorite, but there are a couple of different variations!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E0RUN0e3ZGY&t=2s

     Calendar: I have attached our daily calendar. The kids are VERY routine with this everyday! You can "add" numbers daily. We usually count the numbers first and then go over the dates   March Calendar

    We also go over the season (they know it is still winter) and then go over what it looks like outside, and what it feels like. We then jump to: today is:, Yesteray was:, and tomorrow will be:- you can do this on a peice of paper at home!

    Centers: we do a LOT of CVC activities. These are words the student can decode, for example: CAT, CAP, CAB, COD, CAN- we are currently working on words that have C in them. Don't let them trick you into thinking they can't say these words haha;)

    We also have been doing real vs. nonsense words CVC Word practice Real and Nonsense words  CVC interactive notebook (this resource is great and requires glue, scissors, paper, and a pencil)

    Reading comprehension passages- these are new to us in kindergarten... we are still working on it! 

    We have been doing a LOT of handwriting practice as well! Attached is a handwriting booklet we do daily! We are on our third round of this handwriting booklet and are on letter B - RG and IB i suggest you go on softschoolshandwriting, and print out ONLY traceable handwriting pages- they need more fine motor practice handwriting booklet

    we have been working on first, next, then, last! These sequencing mats are NEW and a great tool that our kiddos LOVE! Please do not cut out and velcro these booklets unless you reallyyyy want to! Just read the story and ask what goes first, next, then, and last!

    1st grade resources:

    You may use the ones above (JB might be good for review) 

    Please utilize dreambox on the CLEVER app. They have great reading and math resources for the students. They have both utilized this before and have their clever ID's

    1st grade fluency

    Magic E words we have just started this!! It is a hard concept. when there is an E at the end it makes the vowel sound say its ACTUAL name. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eTqgFj-gWek 

     Read, write, draw good for reading practice!

    Speed fluency


    Kindergarten MATH

    We start everyday with some sensory time! I allow them to use playdoh and listen to some calming sensory music and just have some quiet time for about 10 minutes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VIrBecB746c

    We then go into 2 math songs about counting. If you have not heard these, get ready! They are a TREAT haha- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OCxvNtrcDIs  COUNT BY 2'S

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=amxVL9KUmq8&t=127s  COUNT BY 5'S

    We then utilize this resource which has been wonderful for our kiddos to apply numbers in different formats. I just pick a SECRET number! math number of the day  there are many different formats but the kids can show you which one we do everyday:) 

    I will attach some math resources for you. KHAN ACADEMY has some great math lessons to utilize! Try it out:)

    winter math resources  - focus on JUST the math resources in this peice!!

    math journal - we do a page from this everday



    Freckle is an app/website students can use to complete math/ela skills 

    Log in information is attached! Freckle Log-in instruction     Log in student info



    please be advised that every resource I am posting on here, I am CONFIDENT your child can complete with mild-minimal assistance! Please give your child a chance to problem solve and try it on their own FIRST! 

     word families

    word problems short resource


    spring activity set this is a super cute and fun resources I would implement during centers:)


    I hope these resources help even the smallest bit with some of the time your kids have at home! Please don't hesistate to reach out to me! 

    Also try and utilize some of the apps as they are great accredited resources district wide!!

    I wish you and your family safety and health during this crazy time!

    I hope to see all my kiddos soon; I will miss them!!!