• Homework/Home help information:

    As a teacher of special education and growing up with special education in my family, I do not give homework and believe strongly in that! I believe that children work really hard to focus all day and that they shouldn't have to refocus on work when home! 

    However, in your child's backpack there is an ELA/Math envelope. In this envelope, there are things you can practice with your child. There are things like fluency pages, CVC word drills, and math sequencing. These are NOT mandatory. I will not be checking if you have been completing them at home. These are just things you can do with your child if you want to see his or her skills/ practice with them and things we have been working on in the classroom. 

    I also send home weekly/biweekly sight words. Due to there being only 5 sight words, I would encourage you to practice weekly with your child at home! They are getting so strong with sight word recognition and it is really helping with reading skills! 

    If you want anything extra sent home, please feel free to let me know!