• Reading: 

    • Read a new RazKids story at your level 
    • Score 80% or higher
    • Complete assigned activities on Freckle
    • Explore EpicBooks.com or StorylineOnline.com 
    • Read your favorite book aloud to a family member, pet, or stuffed animal
    • Record yourself reading your favorite book aloud and send it to Ms. Klause



    • Draw a picture and label what’s in the picture
    • Create a new comic on Pixton about what you are doing on this break
    • Write and illustrate your own story!


    Social Skills:

    • Have a puppet show with your stuffed animals about a topic we have learned this year (Zones of Regulation, personal space, good choices, big problem/ little problem, dealing with a bully)
    • Create your own Pixton cartoon about a social skills topic
    • Record a video showing friends how to wash their hands for at least 20 seconds